Tzeentch Open
  • Tzeentch were the second of the aligned Warriors of Chaos teams to start playing Bloodbowl. For years Tzeentch's rival Nurgle had Bloodbowl teams devoted him. Tzeentch had no inclination to involve him self in a sport so associated with destruction, and much to his delight the Nurgle teams were a laughing stock throughout The World. That is until recently.

    Nurgle teams changed, they became far more effective, not only destroying all that went before them but they also started turning creatures into rotting plague zombies of sorts and worst of all they started winning. This did not please Tzeentch who then formed his own teams to directly oppose Nurgle. Tzeentch teams were built around great spectacle, ball handling, creating beautiful, inventive and bizarre plays and they became famous for their warriors with the quasi magical ability - the hypnotic gaze. The gaze was gift that Tzeentch had once given to Eldril Sidewinder, and would now be given to Tzeentch's most loyal subjects.

    The Raven Lord calls for a battle of Blood Bowl in the snowy northern wastes.

    [Endagsturnering, 3 matcher, 25/11, Malmö]
    Malmö Blood Bowl League by MAFOC, mer info kommer....
  • Vanu. Turnering på hemmaplan när jag är ledig? Låter oförskämt praktiskt.
  • Äntligen comeback!!!