Springtime Slaughter 10. marts
  • Tournament site is located approximately 1.5 km from the center of copenhagen.
    We would love to see some of you guys on the day.

    Rogue Bowl III - Springtime Slaughter
    It is springtime - and blood is in the air.
    A weekend of blood bowl, mayhem and glory.
    Coffee and fun included.

    Date: 10th of March - Time: 09:00 -21:00
    Venue: Rogue Trader København Harsdorffsvej 8A, 1874 Frederiksberg

    Tournament Resurrection style.
    Gametime is 2½ hour

    Admission: 100 DKK
    Signup by contacting Jakob Lærkes on messenger.
    Payment via mobilepay on 29128758 with you NAF-name and NAF-Number.
    You can also contact us via facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/1492649794176539/?ti=icl
    Players who have registered, payed and sent in a roster before the 3rd of march will recive +1 FF.

    Please bring a printed roster and your biggest smile.

    Copenhagen Parity Rules (BB2016)
    http://www.plasmoids.dk/Copenhagen Parity Rules.pdf


    We play according to the BB2016, Death Zone , Errata, FAQ, Teams of Legend.
    All 26 teams are available, including Chaos Pact, Slann, Underworld. Khorne and Bretonnia.
    The CRP version of Piling On is used.
    All teams are considered equal in TV despite actual TV.
    Special Play cards are not used

    Miniatures: The miniatures don’t have to be from a specific manufacturer.

    We encourage you to use the following color coded bases:
    Grey/Black: Lineman - Red: Blitzer - Green: Blocker - White: Thrower - Yellow: Catcher, Runner.

    If your opponent can't easily recognize the different player types on your team, then mark them somehow

    2 Points are awarded for a victory.
    1 Point for a Draw.
    0 Points for a Loss.

    Tiebreaker used:
    Opponents score
    Net casualties
    Net TD
    Total TD+Cas

    08:30 Registration
    09:00 Round 1
    11:30 Lunch Break
    12:15 Round 2
    14:45 Coffe Break
    15:00 Round 3
    17:30 Dinner
    18:15 Round 4
    20:45 Awards Ceremony

    Prize for the winner, 1ft. 2nd and 3rd.
    Prize for the Stunty Cup Winner.
    Prize for Most Casualties.
    Prize for Most Touchdowns.


    Your roster must be built using the Copenhagen Parity Rules (BB2016)

    All rosters must have team value 1.100.000 and all allowed

    inducements must be on the roster.
    Only the inducements noted under the specific race in the ruleset are allowed (Goblins may use bribes and Halflings may use Chef).

    All skills must be chosen before the draw for round 1 is made.

    Stacking of skills are not allowed.

    Each model can only be assigned 1 additional skill.

    We play according to the BB2016, Death Zone 1, Errata, FAQ,
    Teams of Legend.

    All 26 teams are available, including Chaos Pact, Slann and
    Underworld. Khorne, Bretonnia

    The CRP version of Piling On is used.

    All teams are considered equal in TV despite actual TV.

    All injuries are reset after each game. Each game will start with a fresh roster.

    The four minute rule is not enforced, but if the game is not proceeding according to the time schedule, the
    referee may issue a timer. The referee can issue a timer, or battleclock, with a fixed turn-time.
    Should one player ignore this, that player will automatically concede his game. Any coach can request a timer at any time.

    If you are including a Star Player, you must have 11 players on your team BEFORE hiring him. Having 10 players plus a Star is not allowed.

    If two teams play each other and have the same star player, the star player will play the game for both teams.

    First round is random draw. Subsequent rounds will be swissdraw.
    The best placed coaches will be seated on the tables with low numbers.

    Gametime is 2½ hour. the Tournament Orcanizer will make an announcement at half-time.

    Dice must be easily recognized.
    We recommend everyone to use the official NAF Block dice, and clearly point out what a given logo on a dice is (D6 - Either a 1 or a 6.) If a Coach cannot accept your dice, you must play with standard dice.

    If a Coach requests to use your dice, you must "share" dice.

    In doubt the Orcanizer has the final word.